MS : Access 2010
Level 1- Basic Database Tasks/ Level 2- Managing the Access Environment and Building Tables/ Level 3- Sorting and Filtering Records and Creating and Managing Queries/ Level 4- Building Forms/ Level 5- Designing Reports
MS Office 2010 Range
This Course includes the full Microsoft Office 2013 Range.
MS: Excel 2010
Level 1- Basic Spreadsheet Tasks/ Level 2- Creating Cell Data/ Level 3- Formatting Cells and Worksheets/ Level 4- Applying Formulars and Functions/ Level 5- Presenting Data Visually, Sharing, Analysing and Organising Data
MS: Outlook 2010
Level 1- Managing the Outlook Environment/ Level 2- Creating Slide Presentations/ Level 3- Managing Email Messages and Contact Groups/ Level 4- Managing Calendar Objects, Tasks, Notes and Journal Entries
MS: PowerPoint 2010
Level 1- Basic Presentation Tasks/ Level 2- Creating Slide Presentations/ Level 3- Using Graphical and Multimedia Elements/Level 4- Creating Charts and Tables and Applying Transitions and Animations/ Level 5- Collaborating, Preparing and Delivering Presentaions
MS: Word 2010
Level 1- Basic Word Processing Tasks/ Level 2- Formatting Content/ Level 3- ApplyPage Layout and Reusable Content/ Level 4- Using Illustrations and Graphics in Documents/ Level 5- Applying Refrences and Hyperlinks/ Level 6- Sharing and Maintaining Documents