Driver Safety Awareness


Did you know that nine people die on UK roads every day, and ten times that number are seriously injured? There are many devastating stories of road accidents and the impact they have, which highlight the importance of road safety.

As a driver, you are in control of a potentially lethal weapon, capable of causing injury or death. In fact, driving is probably the most dangerous thing that many of us do daily, and for most of us the last time we reflected on our driving ability was when we sat our test!

This course aims to refresh your approach to driving safely.

Course Content


  • Explain what your responsibilities are on the road, and the importance of being a safe driver
  • Examine how individual behavior and attitude on the road can cause road accidents
  • Apply some basic safe driving techniques
  • Determine when to report issues to your employer
  • Express the importance of keen observation and awareness when driving
  • Explain specific driving techniques for motorways and other roads
  • Apply personal safety techniques when driving in bad weather conditions
  • Demonstrate recommended driving positions and how to avoid aches and pain

    Course Duration

    • 30 minutes

    Target Audience

    • Anyone who drives

    Available In

    • Non-Audio

    Delivered Via

    • Internet
    Price: £25.00