Handling Workplace Stress


Work is actually very good for most people as it provides a purpose in life and a source of personal fulfilment. Work pressure can, therefore, be a positive and a motivating factor that helps us to achieve our goals and full potential.

Work-related stress, however, occurs when aspects of job design – such as constant change, long hours or tight deadlines - result in work pressures of various kinds becoming excessive. This excessive pressure can leave people feeling worried, uncertain, and overwhelmed by stress.

This course aims to enable the learner to understand what work-related stress is, what causes it and how to handle it effectively.


Course Content:


• The symptoms of work-related stress

• What is meant by ‘work-related stress’?

• The causes of work-related stress

• Dealing with work-related stress:

• Developing positive relationships

• The benefits of exercise

• Eating healthily

• Sleeping well

• Organising your life

• Avoiding negative thoughts and unhelpful behaviours


This course is RoSPA Approved.

Price: £25.00