RoSPA Approved: Safe Working with Workplace Transport


As we are all too well aware, vehicles can present great dangers when used or encountered on public roads. They can, however, be equally dangerous in a workplace environment - every year about 50 people are killed in accidents involving workplace transport.

Accidents of this type also cause more than 1,500 major injuries per year, and about 3,500 injuries that cause people to be off work for more than three days.

One of the keys to improving safety in this area is the engagement of all concerned in safe working practices.

This course, based on HSE Guidance HSG136, is designed to enable those working with or near vehicles to meet this requirement – and to ensure they don’t become a health and safety statistic!

Course Content

• What is meant by ‘workplace transport’

• The most common causes of transport accidents

• The importance of ‘safe site’, ’safe vehicle’ and

‘safe driver’ in relation to:

• Reversing vehicles

• Parking vehicles

• Coupling and uncoupling vehicles

• Trimming, sheeting and netting vehicles

• Tipping risks

• Overturning risks


• Falls from vehicles

Price: £25.00