Fire Safety and Evacuation Refresher


Fire is probably the biggest risk to life that most people face in the workplace. It is, therefore, amazing that many people have little or no idea about the common causes of fire, how to deal with them and how to escape safely from the scene should a fire occur. This course deals with all three of these vital subjects, and successful completion of the course could literally be the difference between life and death.

Employers are responsible in law for both fire prevention and the safe evacuation of employees in the event of a fire. This course will ensure that employees have the necessary knowledge to play their part in cooperating with their employer in the implementation of fire safety in the workplace.

Course Content

• Employer and employee responsibilities

• Fire prevention

• Fire extinguishers

• Evacuation procedures

• Dealing with fire casualties

Course Duration:

10 minutes

Target Audience:

  • Existing workers requiring refresher training

Available In:

  • Audio
  • Non-Audio

Delivered Via:

  • Intranet
  • Internet
Price: £12.50