Managing Electrical Safety - Controlling Electrical Hazards


The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and the Memorandum of Guidance with which it is published, lay down comprehensive but non-technical requirements for ensuring that the hazards of electricity are properly controlled.


This means that those working with, or in the vicinity of, high risk electrical hazards – or those managing such situations – must, having identified hazards, be able to select and put in place the most appropriate methods of controlling the risks that arise from those hazards.


This course enables the learner to understand:


• Key elements of electrical system construction


• Insulation and earthing requirements specified by Regulation


• How electrical equipment is protected against overheating and fires




• How people may be protected from electric shock


Course Content

• Protection of Electrical Systems:

• Construction

• Insulation

• Earthing

• Protection of Equipment Against Overheating And Fires

• Protection of People:

• RCDs

• Secure Isolation

• Reduced Voltage Systems

• Low Voltage Systems

• Battery Operated Tools

• Competence

• Working Dead’ and Justification for ‘Live’ Working


Course Duration

40 minuets


Target Audience

Managers and supervisors of staff working with electrical equipment.


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Price: £25.00