Working at Height - Fragile and Degraded Surfaces


More than one in five fatalities resulting from falls at height in the construction industry involve workers falling through fragile roof materials.

However, it isn’t just specialist roofers who are at risk; anyone who has cause to carry out work on a roof - such as TV Ariel fitters, solar panel installers, property caretakers and maintenance engineers - are also at risk.

The main cause of death and injury is falling through fragile roofs and roof lights from roof edges or openings. Many such accidents could be avoided if suitable equipment is used, and those doing the work are given adequate information, instruction, training and supervision.

This course will provide them with, and check their understanding of, the knowledge necessary to enable the planning and management of job tasks that involve working at height on fragile and/or degraded surfaces.

Course Content

• Why fragile and degraded surfaces can be a hazard

• Detail safe work procedures when working at height on fragile surfaces

• Highlight other important roof hazards

• Detail the risks associated with roof work on active buildings


20 minutes


• Anyone who works at height


• Audio


• Internet

Price: £25.00