Personal Safety in Other People's Homes and Premises


A surprising number of people work in occupations that require them to work on their own either in people’s homes or in other people’s premises – examples include social workers, community nurses, home helps, sales representatives and estate agents.

Sadly, for a variety of reasons, each day sees many people in these occupations subject to either verbal or physical violence or aggression.

This course looks at why such violence and aggression occurs. It also enables the learner to develop skills aimed at reducing the likelihood of violence and – should it occur – limiting its outcome.

Course Content

  • The risks
  • Risk control:
    • Safe systems of work
    • Intelligence systems
  • Avoiding violence and aggression:
    • The warning signs
    • Avoiding provocation
  • • Handling aggressive behaviour:
    • The ‘Control Trilogy‘
  • • Handling violent behaviour:
    • Getting away
    • Stopping the attack
    • Fighting back

Course Duration:

30 minutes

Target Audience:

  • Anyone working alone:
    • With clients or patients in their homes
    • With a person or persons unknown to them in premises other than that of their employer

Available in:

  • Audio

Delivered Via:

  • Intranet
  • Internet

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Price: £25.00